Friday, October 18, 2013

The fish will swimm.

I have always wondered why people even think about storing live animals. Last year I had a tenant that stored her 5 cats I an outside 10x20 unit full of her household stuff. Middle of summer, here in the Antelope Valley can get very hot and well ... those units were not climate controlled. For weeks I kept on wondering where all the cat poop was coming from. This crazy lady kept her cats in that hot unit all day and only let them out for a few minutes, not to mention that they were doing God knows what to the items in the unit. It got ugly fast. Police said to call animal control and Animal Control told us they cannot enter the unit without the tenant or police warrant. they were both freaking useless!
After my coworkers and I harassed the crap out of the lady she finally took the poor animals out of there. Nothing like a few annoying people to get further than the police department and all their "power"

Lately the closest I've gotten to live animals were a few fish ... in the office bathroom sink. NO JOKE!
I was in a deep conversation with one of our tenants on the phone while a inpatient new tenant snuck in and used the bathroom sink as his temporary fish tank after the last one flew off the U-Haul truck while he was unloading (I’m still finding tiny rainbow colored rocks near his unit). Ahhh the look on my husband’s face when he realized I wasn't lying when I told him we had fish in the bathroom was AWESOME! 

It has been 5 months since that day and the guy still keeps his fish in his storage unit. He comes by ever few days to change the water, feed his fish and change the glow sticks which brighten their day. 

Still better than when people ask me if they can store their kids ;) I know only half of them are joking.