Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spoiled Sydney

What should someone do during a dust storm? Buy plants and of course made dog treats.

I decided to brighten up my day and buy some herbs. Must have been my lucky day since the minute I arrived at Walmart they got all new plants in. The gentleman that delivered the plants come up to me with a large tray of greenery and told me I had to take a wiff. The smell of the lemon balm was ecstatic. He said that when they load it up on the truck, the entire back and cabin smell like it. As good as it smelled I didnt buy any. I was there strictly for parsley, pill and tomatoes. Sadly I rarely follow my own rules and ended up getting some basil and german thyme too.
I don't know anyone else who would get more excited by a grape shrubs or colorful planting pots as much as I do. Beautiful sunflowers and lavender.  Don't even allow me to get close to the Home Depot garden section, I'll be there for days. 
My dog on the other hand would probably love to eat all those plants more than I would like own them. She got some very yummy homemade treats today. Peanut butter pumpkin biscuits. Pumpkin supposedly helps doggy tummys to digest. I made so many that I had to give some to my coworker since they only last about 3 days and no way Sydney can eat that many ... I take that back. In no way should Sydney eat that many.
Nothing like a bowl of borsh to reward my baking efforts.  Beef bowl for late dinner. Might have snuck some into Sydney's dry food to brighten up her night.
Star Trek into the darkness to end the day, and what a great day it was :)

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