Saturday, January 31, 2015

Out with the old 70's stove and in with the new!

Finally! I've been wanting a new stove since I arrived in Japan and finally one came up for sale!

Since I first browsed the local appliance store I quickly realized how darn expensive everything here was. Appliances here are half or ever a third of the standard American size but when it comes to price, they sure add an extra zero. Good luck finding an actual range since everyone here uses small two slot gas burners. Same thing with the fridges. 

Those are just two examples I found online. Don't even get me started on the Wash machines and the lack of dryers all over Japan. 


So as you can see I definitely upgraded! For our house to have a range was already very not Japanese but now we are just super American. haha as you can see since its double the size, the whole thing stick out way beyond the tiny counters.

Living by a military base has its perk sometimes. People pcs all the time and get rid of good stuff. Big appliances are rare and very first comment first buy kind of thing but time I got lucky. The seller turned out to be my husbands old family friend to our surprise. He just gave it to us and refused to take our money. I feel really bad and very grateful at the same time. God bless him ♥

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